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I don’t think I’ve ever posted pictures of my first car. I sold it after it was rear-ended, but I think it’s still kicking around somewhere. The VIN is 4281738 if anyone has an ear to the 02 street. It’s a bit ricey for my current taste, but it was a blast and I learned so much from working on it!

Things that are probably the most unique to this car are the valve cover, snorkel air intake, and the dash gauge bezels.


- ported/polished early cylinder head with stainless valves and ISKY springs

- Weber 38/38 with port matched intake manifold

- smog crap removed

- e12 5 series front calipers with ‘77 320 rotors

- Hella H4 headlights

- euro front turn signals

- Ireland turbo flares and front air dam

- B&M short shifter with Sparco shift knob

- Stahl headers

- big sway bars

- Ireland strut tower brace

- K-Mac camber plates

- Ireland suspension

- Bilstein shocks

- 5 speed conversion

- e21 320iS limited slip diff

- bumper powder coated black and pushed in

- air horns

- it had about 4 different sets of wheels (just like my current car haha) original 13s, real Alpina 13x6 and 13x6.5, Ronal LS 15x7.5, and sold with e30 basketweave 14s

Really impressed with the BMW M235i racing art car.