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Spotted in the parking garage at work. Oof

Also the only time a MLP themed license plate is acceptable


"Quite early in the rally we had a collision with a small truck, whose driver promptly vanished in the bush! The truck was carrying a most peculiar load of what seemed to be some kind of remains of fish and the smell was awful! We managed to drag the car into service with all sorts of damage. The windscreen wipers (among many other things!) couldn’t be repaired and when it rained later on in the event David had to work them manually with an attached string.

It was nightmare out there in the jungle. There were huge mud-holes and it was hard to know whether one dare drive through them. We’d lost the clutch, which made changing gear tricky and obviously I could not use the clutch to adjust the speed either. The starter motor, too, was broken, so if we got stuck and stalled, there was no guarantee we’d ever get going again.

It was a very desolate feeling out there driving in the forests. It felt so far away from anywhere. Somehow we managed to limp to the finish and get the most expensive two points ever!” - Ari Vatanen

Cars in the Wild: Shelby Mustang GT500

Cars in the Wild: Shelby Mustang GT500


De Tomaso Pantera GTO

IMSA GT 1984


Nigel Mansell’s epic fight from P19 to take the lead at Donnington Park.