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"You can never learn these roads fully. Here you don´t even have time to say all the pace notes you´ve written." - Carlos Sainz on Rally Finland


Still standing (the tree).


I don’t think I’ve ever posted pictures of my first car. I sold it after it was rear-ended, but I think it’s still kicking around somewhere. The VIN is 4281738 if anyone has an ear to the 02 street. It’s a bit ricey for my current taste, but it was a blast and I learned so much from working on it!

Things that are probably the most unique to this car are the valve cover, snorkel air intake, and the dash gauge bezels.


- ported/polished early cylinder head with stainless valves and ISKY springs

- Weber 38/38 with port matched intake manifold

- smog crap removed

- e12 5 series front calipers with ‘77 320 rotors

- Hella H4 headlights

- euro front turn signals

- Ireland turbo flares and front air dam

- B&M short shifter with Sparco shift knob

- Stahl headers

- big sway bars

- Ireland strut tower brace

- K-Mac camber plates

- Ireland suspension

- Bilstein shocks

- 5 speed conversion

- e21 320iS limited slip diff

- bumper powder coated black and pushed in

- air horns

- it had about 4 different sets of wheels (just like my current car haha) original 13s, real Alpina 13x6 and 13x6.5, Ronal LS 15x7.5, and sold with e30 basketweave 14s


The ex-Works 1965 RAC Rally and 1966 Scottish winner,1964 Mini Cooper 1,275S Rally Saloon Chassis no. CA2S7/662044 Engine no. 9F-SA-Y/34709 (X)


2014 Ferrari F12 N-Largo by Novitec Rosso


2014 Ferrari F12 N-Largo by Novitec Rosso